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A.I.S.I.Y. (All I see is you) movie

Another month, another poster! Allways a good thing to see one’s work going to the “one sheet” as it’s called… The movie will be released on Oct. 27 and we start getting glimpses of the promotion material. This shot of Blake Lively was so hard to get (sequence shot in a narrow bathroom with play with mirrors, for which I was let in for several seconds during a few takes between the ‘camera rolling’ and ‘action’ calls! and exiting the blocked set immediately! Anyway, I’m pleased with the reward!

Poster 2


FTKMF [First they killed my father]

Release is upon us on NETFLIX… There, I got some of the front row in the Poster artwork!


EXODUS exhibition in Ankara

For the UNHCR Refugee Day (June 20th, 2107) we had the exhibition traveling to Ankara_Turkey… Here are some snaps of the events, with colleagues: Patrice Valette (curator), Coskun Aral (photographer), Rahman Roslan (Photographer), and UNHCR Turkey Delegation! This was done at the CerModern Museum in Ankara.

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Angelina Jolie’s film FTKMF release

FTKMF_The Guardian.pngThe NETFLIX feature film made in Cambodia last year by Angelina Jolie is going to Première in Siem Reap on Feb 18. 2017. FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER will later this year show on Netflix. I can finally see some use of my 2-weeks work on this shoot. Here is a first story in The Guardian.

Movie “All I See is You” at Toronto Festival

The Marc Forster feature film on which I shoot the Stills last year is slowing getting a life… After showing a première at the Toronto Festival, it look like it will open in 1.000’s of theatres early in 2017. So far only one picture is always being use! And you can see more of my pictures on the Facebook link

Shot from the shooting on the movie

Shot from the shooting on the movie on the IMDB website…


Exodus_Déja Vu in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

And on early October 2016, I had the chance to participate at another event with an exhibition in KL. Organised by the Gallery Valette, the 10-day event centered on the work of five photographers (myself, Coskun Aral from Turkey, Isa Touma from Aleppo/Syria, Rahman Roslan from Malaysia and Sergey Ponomarev from Russia); as well the now famed picture from Nilüfer Demir of Turkey was exhibited. The event comprised talks at the exhibition with different groups including several international schools, radio interview, and the book signing. My contribution to the event was with my work on the Cambodian refugee crisis of 1979-1980’s. The book was produced by Visioncy Ltd and includes our pictures with words from Dr. Marina Mahathir, Edgar Morin and Dr. Murat Erdogan. With a partnering from UNHCR. The show will be replicated in other countries including Turkey and Germany at later dates.  See for updates, as well on the FB page.

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Cambodia’s Years of Turmoil Show at the FCC Hong Kong

During September 2106, I had a show of 35 images of my take on Cambodia’s historical moments from 1975-1982.

Thanks to the great co-ordination of long time friend and colleague Robin Moyer, The venerable Foreign Correspondent Club of Hong Kong pt my historical images on their walls for a the full month of September 2016. It has been a great pleasure to travel again to Hong Kong and meet old friends from the photography world in particular as I have been a frequent traveler to Hong Kong since 1980! Since then I never miss to visit the FCC, one of the few established reporter den on this planet from the time of the of mid-20th century wars in Asia.

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