Angkor Photography Festival

The event takes place in Siem Reap-Cambodia just next to the famed historical site. My new edition of the book (Years of Turmoil) should be ready in the next few days and will launched at an event on next Sunday 23 at “Carnets d’Asie” along with the exhibition of a dozen images (50x70cm) from the book. A number of books will be available for sale [US$28] and signing as well. In the course of the event I hope to find sponsorship for publishing this book in the Khmer language and have it distributed for free in Cambodian schools and libraries.
It is nice to know that old pal Patrick Chauvel will be here as well with a new book (SKY). The week of event (festival site) is the first of its kind in the region and is taking place beside the week of workshops organized by the photo agency VII.

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