And another movie shoot

Making good with my Nikon D2x gear. Another shoot, this time in Krabi (Southern Thailand) which in fact is very exotic (plantations, mangroves and bat caves) but a little wet at this time of the year. My new Mac Book has just been sent to Apple for repair after dozen of tiny ants made their way in the board, probably looking for a warm and dry place to rest…And the film is a fiction…on intelligent ants…Once again, I’m thinking at all the hard work in the years past to deal with the low ligh and night shoots; that’s over with a digital camera and shooting Raw files. And a little technical info, a 4GB RIDATA CF card that is just over one year old is getting seriouly slower by the weeks now…I’m trying a new 4GB AData card (Samsung chip), all beside the Extreme 3…

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