New edition…

New redesigned and updated edition (3rd) of my favorite book “Cambodia, the years of turmoil”. This time, it was printed in a nice duotone with spot varnish on a 157gsm art matt paper, it comes with a jacket over a soft cover. This make for a book just under 1 kg, easy to carry back home when you buy it here in Asia…it’s priced at $37.50.
You can order it directly from me ($32) and pay via Paypal; I send it Air Parcel (Post) all over the world from Asia Horizons Books.

2 Replies to “New edition…”

  1. Hi. A friend of mine in Bangkok (Patrick Brown) posted a link to your new book. I remember seeing your photos on the walls of the FCC in Pnomh Penh when I visited in 2001 and being impressed by how powerful they were. I would like to buy a copy of the new book, please let me know what is the easiest way for me to do this (I live in London)?



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