The Press at Work…in Bangkok crackdown…

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The place was very dangerous, and there was a full load of press to cover the crackdown, local & foreign. The press has also paid a heavy toll for the week. Overall, I believe that a good half of the reporters at the front-line has little or no experience of that kind of situation and behaved dangerously. With limited interest from the public and the earning one can make for that kind of reporting, there is no doubt in my mind that the risk is definitely not worth taking. Nevertheless when and where could you get in such an incredible situation, just a couple of hundred meters from your hotel or a taxi to take you home? SLIDESHOW OF 10 IMAGES

2 Replies to “The Press at Work…in Bangkok crackdown…”

  1. Roland, do you not remember when you were immortal?

    Thankfully time erodes that belief a little.

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