Photos for a new catalog for VAL

VAL bronzes work, the covers of the 2 catalogs produced during the summer of 2010.
Just late by a few weeks to mention a new series of images of the bronzes of VAL.
A couple of catalogs were printed in the summer (one for a solo exhibition at the REDSEA Gallery in Singapore, the other one for a more general public).
This ongoing photographic cooperation is gathering more momentum as VAL is having her work exhibited at more venues in Asia (recently at the Shanghai Art Fair and later this year another solo exhibition in Hong Kong).
For her work go to

One Reply to “Photos for a new catalog for VAL”

  1. Hello,
    I am photo editor and I am interested in photos of Thai Coup, also Thelma and louise. Can I contact you Roland?
    Please advise and warmest regards,
    Katherine Bang

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