Publishing “La Chute de Phnom Penh”

Redone cover of the book (the Fall of Phnom Penh) witha new ISBN… for sale on
Redone cover of the soft cover book (the Fall of Phnom Penh/English version) with a new ISBN… for sale on

Here is a link to a preview of the book on the fall of Phnom Penh, that I intent to publish in a new version, this time in French to start with but with opening to other languages. The preview has been adjusted to the format and is in B&W only, the book itself will be printed in 4 color as it has many color images into it. Specs… 240 pages with +10,000 words and about 150 pictures. Format 210×145 cm Flexibound. Printing in Hong Kong on 157 gsm matt art paper with spot varnish. Public price around €25. Maybe made available on Amazon (or along my other titles …

2 Replies to “Publishing “La Chute de Phnom Penh””

  1. To Mr. Roland Neveu;

    I am the producer of a project in Norway, promoting literature for school kids. We are currently producing a one hour presentation / reading of the book OVERLEVE (Survive) by the Norwegian journalist / writer Marit Bromark. It tells the story of the 23 years old Sivun Pen who – in 1975 – was in his governmental office in Phnom Penh when the Khmer Rouge took over the city.
    The stat employed, newly married father of a six week old boy was (along with millions of others) sent to labor camp, was close to death several times, but managed to survive, escape to Indonesia and eventually to Norway (where he lives today).

    You can see a link to the book here ( , but it’s in Norwegian, so probably you won’ t understand a lot.

    My question to you is regarding pictures.
    In the introduction to the presentation / reading of the book we want to show the students (16-18 years old) pictures of what happened in Cambodia, and in your book “The fall of Phnom Penh” we have found quite a few.
    Can you give us the right to use some of these pictures?

    I must stress out to you that this is a totally non-profit project. The salary to the writer and the costs linked to her school-visits (travels, accommodation etc) are paid for by governmental funds that of course are limited. So it would mean a great deal for us if we are able to use your photos free – limited to this project only, of course.

    Thank you and regards:

    knut fougner
    manager Litteraturbruket

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