Greg Constantine’s book: Kenya’s Nubians

For part of the middle of this year I have accompanied fellow photographer Greg Constantine on his first book project as a “publishing consultant”. We have produce a book (done in tri-tone) here in Bangkok with Amarin Printing. It is not an easy task of doing a trio-tone book and although I had printed one  almost a year ago in Hong Kong, doing it in Bangkok was risky. But Greg’s first book needed a lot on close watch at the prepress level and it was a lot simpler to do it closer to home as it involved numerous trips to the printing factory. We must say the prepress and printing teams have been great to work with and we have done a very good job. The book (KENYA’S NUBIANS Then & Now) looks great with deep blacks as was Greg’s wish. It was sponsored by the UNHCR and part of a larger lifetime project on statelessness by Greg.

See below a small slideshow of ‘behind the scene’ images

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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