Upgrading my gear… Selling Fuji X-Pro1 & Nikon D3

As many have seen on my FB page… I’ve jump off the FUJI bandwagon and gone back to what I know better. In the past I use the Leica M4-p and M6 along my SLRs, in fact I went thru 2 of each of those and I have one left with a 21 mm and a 28 mm. After getting the 2 glass cleaned and adjusted an offer of barely use Leica M9 came my way and could not let it pass! It feels pretty good and it’s more what I want to use. Although the Fuji is a decent proposal, it doesn’t go as far as I’d like. Now that gear is for Sale. A complete set with all lenses available plus a 12 mm Voigtlander which gives you an 18 mm on the Fuji. There is a list as attachment (pdf) There is also listed my Nikon D3… Have move to the D800 for the pixels!All this gear is in Bangkok and all clean. Feel free to contact me! ROLAND NEVEU_GearSale_07_2012 (Pictures of the items below)

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