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Exodus_Déja Vu in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

And on early October 2016, I had the chance to participate at another event with an exhibition in KL. Organised by the Gallery Valette, the 10-day event centered on the work of five photographers (myself, Coskun Aral from Turkey, Isa Touma from Aleppo/Syria, Rahman Roslan from Malaysia and Sergey Ponomarev from Russia); as well the now famed picture from Nilüfer Demir of Turkey was exhibited. The event comprised talks at the exhibition with different groups including several international schools, radio interview, and the book signing. My contribution to the event was with my work on the Cambodian refugee crisis of 1979-1980’s. The book was produced by Visioncy Ltd and includes our pictures with words from Dr. Marina Mahathir, Edgar Morin and Dr. Murat Erdogan. With a partnering from UNHCR. The show will be replicated in other countries including Turkey and Germany at later dates.  See for updates, as well on the FB page.

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Posted by rnbk on October 30, 2016

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