rne0599.jpgOn this blog, you can follow my work (photography, publishing & workshops, exhibitions or photo-tours) and other related events. I’m always available for assignments and projects as long as it doesn’t ‘derail’ my ongoing commitments. You can as well look at my work on movies as a ‘still-photographer’ here IMDb Internet Movie Database

Best way to get in touch is through this email: rolandneveu@gmail.com or Messenger  As well you can look at my INSTAGRAM  (and follow me

If you have a good reason you can call me at +66858799990 (my most common number) or send a Message (as well at this one +33630986621)

A good number of my pictures are now available at GETTY IMAGES for which I am a contributor.

You can visualize some of my books online as PDF files on the ISSUU.COM website

My tools are now  Nikon Z 7 & D850 with several Nikon primes & zooms “S” & “N” series. My favourite portable light is a Profoto B2 Air, B1 Air 500 with Remote TTL, I have as well a D1 Air 500. And, beside the totally silent Z7, I still use an Aquatech Sound Blimp for movie shoots for the D850.

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