LUANG PRABANG Lao Royal Heritage
A small coffee-table picture book on the ancient Royal capital of Laos. Hard-cover with jacket, size 26.5 by 19 cm with 112 pages. Available in most bookshops around SE Asia and on AMAZON.COM (about USD 25).
ISBN 978-974-8300-56-6
Luang Prabang has always been one of my favorite destination in South East Asia and to this day has maintained that quaint atmosphere that anyone seeks for a peaceful sojourn. Although I visit first Luang Prabang in 1975 at the time when the Pathet Lao was taking control of the city, most pictures were shot in the late 1990’s and early 2000. VIEW THIS BOOK ONLINE  via ISSUU.COM

CAMBODIA The Years of Turmoil
This book encompasses my work on Cambodia since 1973. Printed in duotone. Soft cover with jacket, size 26 by 27 cm with 168 pages. Price about USD 35.
ISBN 978-616-7277-00-4
It’s de facto the most complete photographic account of Cambodia’s recent history since the 1970s war. It includes chapters on the fall of Phnom Penh, the refugees’ exodus of 1979, the Thai border guerrillas war, the killing fields and the slow return to normalcy from the year 1989 after the withdrawal of the Vietnamese army. Life during the UNTAC years and finally the return of the first tourists to Angkor.
Illustration with almost 150 pictures printed in Duotone & spot varnished. VIEW THIS BOOK ONLINE via ISSUU.COM


THE FALL OF PHNOM PENH [new edition]                                                         A complete revision of the earlier version with a revised text of approximately 9,500 words, new pictures –black&white and color. Now in a book of over 200 pages with a hardcover. Available at AMAZON.COM and across bookstore in Asia (Monuments Books).                              Published in April 2015. ISBN 9786167277103 (ENGLISH language version)

_FoPP_cover_FRLA CHUTE DE PHNOM PENH [version en Français]  

Taille 17.5 cm x 24.5 cm, 216 pages avec 120 photos en Noir&Blanc et Couleur. ISBN 9786167277097 (FRENCH language version). Vendu environ 30€ à Carnets d’Asie et sur eBay France…     ISBN 9786167277097 (FRENCH language version)

978-616-7277-07-3THE FALL OF PHNOM PENH
The story in images with an extensive text of the last weeks of the Cambodia civil war of the 70s and the fall of the capital Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge guerilla on April 17, 1975.
This soft cover version of the book with a jacket is 16.5 by 19 cm and has 130 pages. Besides almost 9,000 words eyewitness text, there are over 100 photographs in black & white and color. It’s available in bookstores across SE Asia, price about USD 25. ISBN 978-616-7277-07-3 VIEW THE BOOK ONLINE via ISSUU.COM

ANGKOR, Ancient Khmer Empire
A small introductory picture book on Angkor. Hard cover with jacket size 26.5 by 19 cm with 80 pages in color and priced at USD 14.50. ISBN 978-974-94392-9-5
In this small book I use some of my generic images from the historical destination of Cambodia, as I saw it through out the 1990s. It’s available at bookstores in SE Asia.

Covers of the books… Check with me if you want to purchase any!


5 Replies to “BOOKS”

  1. Impressive body of work. I met Oliver a few times…stories I never published and pictures I never took. I am happy that your experience with him proved to be a positive one.

  2. Hi, I’m extremely interested in purchasing your books, but it seems they’re no longer available through

      1. Where can I purchase your new book? I see that it became available on 01 April, but I can find no outlet for it. Please let me know, I really want to get my hands on the book with that beautiful new cover.

      2. It will be soon at Monument Books, Asia Books, Kinokunya and a little later at
        And you can order directly as well. Where are you?

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