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_RNE5281Inle Lake/BurmaNyaung ShweA tiger in captivity in Thailand.Oliver Stone and Tom Cruise after the shooting of the movie Born on the Fourth of July.On the set of the shooting of the movie PLATOON. the 3 main characters!Tien Mu Pagoda, Hué, Vietnam.Angkor Wat after sunset.1982 Zabul Province in Afghanistan. Mudjahedeen base with capture Soviet tank.New York City 1983. The Soviet rock band Stas Namin is visiting the big Apple, a first for Russian artists.Asia, a young tribal boy at a fair in Northern Thailand.!7 April 1975 Phnom Penh Cambodia. People riding an army truck celebrated just after the Khmer entered the city.17 April 1975 The Fall of Phnom Penh. A column of Khmer Rouge guerrilla enters the city center.Laos, Savannaket. A French era decrepit building along the Mekong river.A couple of tourist rest on the egde of the sea at a beach in Thailand.A solar waffer at a factory line in Thailand.Hong is in perpetual change. New high rises, extention to the harbour, etc...At a street market in Yunnan province, China. A woman display an old copy of Mao’s Red book.Angkor, Cambodia. The image of an apsara playing with late sun light.Opium Paste harvest on the Burma-Thai border, 1981.Oliver Stone in my studio during the shooting of Born on the Fourth of July, in TexasBoy of the Dani tribe in Irian Jaya.Nick Nolte during a photo shoot in Bornéo while filming a movie.Susan Sarandon on the movie set of Thelma & Louise.My famous image of the film THELMA & LOUISEWilhem Dafoe during the filming of Platoon.Wat Apai in Luang Prabang, Laos.A novice monk bang the Xieng Thong Pagoda drum in Luang Prabang.A fisherman cast his net in Cambodia, 1989.Two women of the Cambodian Royal Ballet who had survived the Khmer Rouge, 1989.Bucarest 1989. A group of revolutionaries in the office of Caucescu after his demise.Beirut 1982. The waterfront during a air bombardment by the Israeli jets.Hong Kong, New Territories. A water park in the midst of new housing estates.A woman working on a gold ring at a jewelry house in Bangkok.A $25k ring made at a jewelry company in Bangkok.A plush résidence pool area in the center of BangkokSoldiers with detainees at the end of 2010 Bangkok Red Shirts protest