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Shooting High Gloss Characters…

_Le-Petit-Prince_Paj'ArtThese are (the first) a series of figures done by Paj’Art on the “Petit Prince” story by Antoine de St Exupery… The entire series of characters (made in fiber with a high gloss finish) will be feature at exhibitions & events next year!

Globe magazine story

It’s certainly always welcomed to have some exposure in a print magazine… For this month (June 2014) Southeast Asia Globe, a regional magazine just did that.


Here is the pdf file : GlobeStory062014

Time magazine covers…

Time has done a good job of putting most of its covers pictures on their website (great history travel)… And I found out 2. What only 2, I had 3… But the missing one was just an international cover (August 23, 1982) covering the war in Lebanon (see below)

My two Time  (US) covers, Dec 27, 1982 (The New Missionary) and Jan 26, 1987 (Platoon)


Time cover Aug 23, 1982 Photo Roland Neveu

Time cover Aug 23, 1982
Photo Roland Neveu

Aftermath of the movie “The Coup”

Cover photo of the magazine by RN

Cover photo of the magazine by RN

This is the first published picture of the movie that we wrapped just before last Christmas.

And it was not an easy fate to grab the attention of the cast (Owen Wilson/Pierce Brosnan/Lake Belle) with the Director and the Producers at 2:00 AM on a rooftop in Chiang Mai for a PR photo-op… in the midst of the shooting of a ‘bloody’ escape scene!

Stills on “The Coup”

IMG_4752_sOn the shooting of the movies THE COUP in Chiang Mai and area since beginning of November, schedule to finish just before Christmas… This prompt the purchase of a new sound-blimp from Aquatech to fit my Nikon D800. Main cast includes Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan.

Link to the slideshow (you’ll need a password)

Stills on Joséphine

There will always be movies being made in Thailand… and once in a while it’s giving me an opportunity to renew with the long work days and amaze me at how good the local crews are! Part of this ongoing shoot for this 15-years long running French TF1 movie series was a little trip up to Chiang Mai, at Mae Tamarn. Just a few pictures at the elephant camp (no film pictures of course!).

A busy camp with tourist all day…

A busy camp with tourist all day…


Pretty cool in the elelphant camp at 6AM

Pretty cool in the elelphant camp at 6AM

PLATOON… the movie

To make a point as I see one of my certainly famous image adorning a Facebook page on the old Oliver Stone blockbuster, Platoon. The movie on which I was probably lucky to get a small assignment was shot in the Philippines in 1986… It was also nice of Oliver to let me work beyond my assignment on his film, but I believe then that he was doing a great film. Eventually that particular image  (for which I have to total copyright) end up on the cover of Time Magazine just ahead of the film getting Oscars in Hollywood. The rest is history!time coverScreen Shot 2013-01-19 at 2.19 | Jan 2013