Print Sale

Some of my images on the wall at a Photo Gallery

My archival photos are usually printed on the best digital paper: (1- on ILFORD GOLD SILK Baryta Photographique 310 gsm paper and, 2- on EPSON COLDPRESS Baryta 310 paper with Fine art Certificate of authenticity/gold stamp). I can offer the prints in size: 17 x 22 inch (42 by 55 cm), 24 x 36 inch (60 by 90 cm) and 36 x 54 inch (90 by 135 cm).

Traditional hand-made silver prints on Ilford FB (fiber) paper are also available up to 20×24 inch (check with me for printing delay).

All prints are signed. My main historical images (mostly from the 1975 Fall of Phnom Penh) are of the open edition type … Most other images are limited edition of 15 or 30 (or 75 for a smaller format). The prints size 24 x36 inch and larger come with an ART TRUST tag ( which are registered online.

Shipping of prints is usually done via ePacket or EMS.

The prints offered for sale are made with the optimum care. The above mentioned top quality baryta papers used are the best support available to-date to print photographic images. The prints are made on an Epson printer which is the best on offer today producing the utmost archival prints we can dream of today. With a normal appropriate care, prints will last over 100 years.

You can request Diasec (or Lumasec) prints made (by WHITEWALL.COM) in Germany.


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