A Workshop in Rio-Brazil

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Marizilda Cruppe_653

A little over a couple of years ago, Gary Knight (of VII Photo agency) ask me if I would help him with a Photo Workshop in Brazil. It was for the WHO TB program which had its every 4-year Conference there in Rio de Janeiro on TB and XDR TB. That was great! I end up doing the workshop almost alone, thanks to Marizilda Cruppe, a photographer for the Brazilian magazine O Globo who had to organize all before I landed there. We had a dozen local photographer documenting TB in the Rio province for a week and after a couple of days of editing, we showed their work at a plenary session of the conference. It was a blast and a huge responsibility. It was also an adventure going out with the young photographers (many of them from the favelas), Rocinha was the most amazing. We had set up our base at in a school at the center of Complexo da Maré and most evening, armed guards (gang) will stand at the gate of the school. Thanks as well to Gui Crist who was my guide/driver/translator. Here is a slideshow with “behind the scene’ images of the Stop TB workshop.

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