The Angkor Photo Workshop

For the last 4 years, I’m heading the  Angkor Photo Workshop (see the APWS blog) as its director/coordinator. This free workshop was created in 2005 and has provided, every year, a free one week course to young Asian photographers. Each year a group of 30 (under 28) photographers have come to Siem Reap to follow our Documentary Photo Workshop which was created under the guidance of Gary Knight and has adopted the format of the VII workshops developed by Gary. Each year several tutors (including Antoine d’Agata/Magnum) have volunteer to give the course. Over the years, over a dozen world-class photographers have come to teach or help at our workshop. A long list of former students have since succeeded in reaching their goals in their own country and in Asia or Europe as well through exhibitions, photo festivals such as Visa/Perpignan and Masterclasses. For 2011 we chose 30 students from their portfolio/dossiers from about 250 applicants.

2 Replies to “The Angkor Photo Workshop”

  1. Roland, hi this Fernando Yovera, the Peruvian photographer you meet in the Thai border town of Aranyapathet in 1979, both of us were covering the Cambodian refugee crisis and the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia. Long time no see, old friend, my email address:
    Send me you email so we can be in contact !
    Un abrazo, amigo
    Fernando Yovera

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